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It's all about the mini burgers!

Hey I'm new here, but Denny's is my life, so I think I'll fit in just right. In L.A., I'd go to the same one all the time at three in the morning to get my free shot of cherry syrup. You know they'll put it in just about anything?

A friend of mine once went in there with a shot glass and asked the waiter to fill it up with cherry syrup. He came back with three more small glasses filled with the syrup and proceeded to take cherry shots with everyone at the table.


What else, hmmm, my friend Ellary and I once tried to sleep on the beach ( a shady idea in the city of Los Angeles), and instead, left the beach at around four a.m. to head over to Denny's. We were so sandy and didn't have any shoes on because they were soaked from the water, but Mark served us anyways.

Oooh, and I have a collection of stuffed animals I've retrieved from the "claw" toy machine at my local Denny's. I must have spent at least twenty dollars trying to get this one goddamned teddy bear. Maan, it's all for a goood cause...support your local Denny's!

Man, that establishment really feeds my alcohol and drug habits because where else can you get a 7up with cherry syrup and the $3.99 grand slam breakfast at any hour of the day!? (One thing, why is the grand slam so cheap and all the other breakfast combos with the same items are like $7.99? Is the grand slam the meal they accidentally dropped on the floor?)

--end transmission-
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