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It was a disappointing night...

Well, Denny's re-opened on Monday, February 21st at 10pm. The Crew didn't make it there that night, but we did the following. What did we find? We found that there were four changes to the place and that is hardly should have taken this long to re-open. Here's how the night went:

-First part of group arrives at Denny's around 12:30am
-First part of group orders food around 12:40am
-Second part of group arrives around 12:55am
-Second part of group orders food around 1:05am
-At about 2am, the food is delivered to the table
-Food is all wrong. John's Moons has bacon on it,
Will's Boca Burger is all-beef, Homefries put on
the wrong plate, David never got his Moons.
-Lady at the new bar counter had been sitting there
since shortly after the first group arrived and her
order has still not been taken.

So yeah, the first night at the "new" Tequesta Denny's was not a pleasant experience. There only seemed to be five real changes made to the place; 1) The new bar counter in the front 2) The new booths with their Italy theme 3) The new cook, who repeatedly told DJ to sit down in his seat with a menacing look 4) The new computer system which would not work, therefore we had to wait to pay our bills 5) Gladys dyed her hair ash blonde. Yeah. Now, I'm not saying I will never go back to that Denny's, because that would certainly be untrue. I will, however, try my best to stick to the one on Northlake. Word. In closing, here are a couple pictures of the "BRAND NEW" Denny's.

Peace and LOVE!!!
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